integrityIntegrity is the most important idea in this month’s angel card reading, which comes from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and Radleigh Valentine. As we move forward during this time of Covid-19, it must be in the forefront. Integrity should be the cornerstone of all ideas and changes that will come about. The cards chosen for our reading are the Six of Air (past into present), the Knight of Earth (present), and the King of Earth (present into future). Air cards speak of the intellect and ideas; earth cards are concerned with how we maintain our lives.

Six of Air

Guidance: Things are looking up! The end of a difficult situation. Taking a trip. 

This card is very encouraging, as it points to the possibility of the end of challenging times.That implies newness.This end has to do with an examination of how we have, up to now, been looking at the world. So, we must consider what changes we are willing to make for it to be better. There is also an implication of “light at the end of the tunnel”. We have been through a lot which has been divisive and stressful for many, many years. The light refers to a change in perspective that fosters compromise, and ultimately unity for the greater good.

Since travel is only recently returning to ‘normal’, the ‘trip’ is rather a metaphorical journey in our lives. This journey is one of inner exploration. Meaningful questions, like ‘Who indeed am I?’, ‘What is my true purpose in life?’ and ‘How can I contribute to a better world?’ arise. The inward journey seeks the truth of what is best for each of us as individuals, as well as the greater good of all. It takes integrity to find meaningful answers to our questions because we are looking at a broader perspective of life on earth.

Knight of Earth

Qualities: The Knight is Loyal, Dedicated, Honorable, and Kind. GuidanceTime to buckle down and get things done! Honor your commitments. A guardian angel.

Once we have committed to change for the greater good, we are guided to take action and honor those commitments. We are the Knight in our new world. That means we are not only loyal to our families and friends, but to all who look for a better future. That future will look different for each individual, but will include respect toward all.

Our future requires dedication to achieving all that brings us peace, prosperity, and contentment. This includes each of us as individuals, as well as the entire population of the world. Therefore, it demands integrity, respect, and commitment to make it happen.

Integrity, decency, duty, fairness, good character, high principles, honesty, morality, and respect fall under the umbrella of honorable. In order for each to have a fulfilling life, each must be honorable toward all others. That means honoring the commitments we make for ourselves and others.

Finally, the Knight is kind. Kindness toward ourselves, as well as others brings about a higher vibration of existence. The higher the vibration, the happier, more satisfied and content we are.

King of Earth

Qualities: Generous, Professional, Responsible, Practical. Guidance: A successful time. Confidently accept opportunities you’re offered. The Midas touch.

The King is each of us, working to make the most of who we are during this lifetime in the best way possible. When we take on the aspects of a good King, we bring success into our lives and are capable of achieving greatness.

This King, you, ushers in ideas for the present and future which may or may not be new, but do demand integrity. You are a leader, and therefore, must embody qualities that benefit all those you encounter. The king must embrace new opportunities that come in ways that assist and advance all. You are also responsible for the welfare of all those in your sphere of influence. Part of your responsibility to them is to encourage and provide as many possibilities for them as you can. You do your best to make sure these openings will help them to thrive on all levels.

The King is the professional. You understand the importance of teamwork. The team can achieve great things when all the members work together on the highest levels. Each member values the work of the others because that’s how goals are reached.

You understand the practicality of making sure each person trusts your decisions. When they do, they work not only for themselves, but for the greater good. They see the practicality of their own lives and how each can reach their own potential through cooperation. When all are satisfied, there is peace, serenity, balance, and happiness.

Lastly, you, as King, are generous in many ways. You are generous in your positivity and praise. Most frequently, you provide generous resources to all with whom you work. Financial abundance is an important priority for all in your kingdom. The generosity of freedom of thought, work, and leisure is present, as long as there is no interference with others.

A New World

The angels wish to encourage you to carefully consider how your world will be formed as you begin to return to ‘normal’. Your world will not be the same as it was before. They offer you guidance in making a better life for each of you and for all of you. The life you led cannot be sustained. New ways of living together must emerge that include the foundation of integrity in all aspects. May you understand the importance of this upcoming work. Adonai