From A Course in Miracles: All healing is at the level of the mind.

Tips of Inspiration:

  • Anything that annoys you will teach you patience.
  • Anything that angers you will teach you compassion and forgiveness.
  • Anyone who abandons you will teach you independence.
  • Anything you hate will teach you unconditional love.
  • Anything you fear will teach you liberation.
  • Anything you appear to want to control will teach you surrender.
  • Anything that makes you worry will teach you to pray.
  • Anything that makes you guilty will teach you innocence.
  • Anything you do which fails will teach you about your power.
  • Anything that makes you feel scorned will teach you celebration.
  • And anything that makes you weep will teach you vulnerability.

Finding Self Love

  • Speak to yourself with loving self talk. Acknowledge your connection to the Divine.
  • Become more aware of things that don’t feel right. Eliminate them to shift to a higher vibration.
  • Pay attention to judgments and release them. They work directly against self love.
  • Be aware of food and drink that makes you uncomfortable and be willing to remove them from your diet.
  • Be in nature more.
  • Ask your spiritual guides and the angels for help.
  • Be willing to become aware of negative thoughts and release them.
  • And be willing to be loving, kind, generous, and patient with yourself.

Have Faith in Self and God

Prayer to strengthen faith: My faith means so much to me. As strong as my faith is, it gets stronger every day. My faith is my relief from worry and doubt. My faith gets me through times that would otherwise be challenging. I am so grateful and appreciative for my ever strengthening faith.

Healing the mind brings you into alignment with your true self and your Creator, who are indeed one. You are on a spiritual journey in this life, working to find all the ways that bring happiness to yourself. Have faith you will achieve all your goals for this lifetime. Adonai.