Change is made up of energy. Have you noticed any significant changes in your life, in your family, community, or the world in general? I have noticed many that influence me personally, but also impact each of us one way or another. The list may be different for all of us, and the way we cope individually will also vary. But even though we prefer to keep things just as they’ve been, change is inevitable. How we deal with change can make a big difference in whether our lives are difficult or happy.


financesHave you noticed any changes in your financial situation? Many of us find we are stretched more and more. Basic needs like food, and gas, as well as utilities, seem to be costing much more. When increases occur, they are rising quickly and dramatically. This will impact many people as we move through the fall and into the winter months. Some of us will suffer greatly.

Although we may not like to admit we can’t take care of ourselves, it’s important to ask for help when it’s necessary. Don’t let pride get in the way when you need assistance. Alternatively, those of us who are able to take care of ourselves, perhaps with money to spare, can make contributions in some way to help others.

Regardless of whether you have a lot or a little, try to send good will or prayers to your family, friends, community and the world. Sending positive energy can raise the vibration of all, and can help people get through hard times.


Heat and Drought

Have you noticed all the changes in weather? Everyone is feels the impact of strong weather patterns. It could be heat and drought that influences health issues, scarcity of food, and the price of food. Food scarcity causes people to migrate to where there is more food abundance. When this happens, stress is put on those who must migrate, as well as those who receive them. Housing becomes an issue, as well as the general need for assistance. The energy expended to cope with these situations impacts all concerned.


Sometimes the rainfall we experience is torrential, or at other times almost nonexistent. Maintaining gardens and crops can be quite challenging. I’ve noticed serious flooding has been common throughout the world. This means homes, possessions, and properties are ruined, leaving people to start all over again, or move elsewhere. As with food scarcity, those who lose all they have need assistance in starting over. This may be through community outreach, or governmental programs. Hardship takes its toll not only on those who experience it, but also the agencies that try to offer help.


There are many who are battling fires throughout the world, due to the high temperatures. Fires that rage consume everything in their path. The energy needed to combat fires is enormous. Even with skilled firefighters, homes, properties, and forests can be destroyed. Just as with flooding, fires do immeasurable damage. Management of forests is an important means of controlling wildfires. Educating people about fire safety is also.

Storms, Volcanoes and Earthquakes


Hurricanes, tornadoes, cyclones, and very strong storms also contribute to destruction and displacement. In addition, earthquakes and volcanoes are part of the earth changes that are increasingly occurring, causing havoc for many. There is little anyone can do to prevent these situations. Many are natural occurrences, but we can think about our behaviors that can lessen the severity of some.

How do we do our part to help our planet survive? Everyone can be more ecologically aware, as well as make a conscious, concerted effort to care for the planet. For example, we can make sure products we use are eco-friendly. That means food, packaging, cars, appliances, fuels we use, and so much more, If we do not reverse our course through conscious change, it seems all weather-related occurrences will continue to intensify and we will destroy ourselves and the earth. It is time to put the greater good for our planet above that of each individual. If we do, we can raise the vibration of our earth and ourselves, which means a better life for us all.



Have you noticed our health is being impacted by viruses more and more? This became apparent during the Covid-19 pandemic. Unfortunately, this virus mutates very quickly and now seems to be a year-round problem. Similar to the flu, which is also viral, it can be a very serious illness and many people have died from both. Scientists say viruses will be the number one health issue as we move forward. Taking care to prevent the spread of viruses is important. Vaccines, masks, and isolating are all ways to have better control over getting sick.


Viruses infect us, but we also set ourselves up for illnesses such as heart disease, diabetes and, some believe, even cancer. Our lifestyles contribute a great deal to our health. High fat diets, overeating, and continued stress from work, family, and society all play a part in weakening our immune system and compromising our health. Of course, these are not the only factors that contribute to poor health, but they play a big role. Some points to make: 1) Lifestyle makes a difference. 2) Eating healthily does too. 3) Exercise and more leisure are always helpful. 4) A good night’s sleep resets your body.


In conclusion, now is the time to take a good look at your life. Determine what impacts you and see if you can make changes that improve the situation. There are many things we have no control over, but we can take care of ourselves, as well as more consciously take care of the earth. As we become more aware of the importance of helping the earth, ourselves and others, we can improve life incrementally, Money is energy. Weather and health is too. Ask yourself, do I want to experience high energies? Or am I content feeling the lower ones that present themselves as lack, sickness, or trauma? Most of us want to be happy, so if you’re not, make some changes in your life that will be satisfying, as well as helpful to all. Adonai.