From Buddha Nature to HappinessAngels of Light

Angels of Light: An Oracle for Divine Connection is a collection of cards illustrated and written by Ambika Wauters. Each card considers an aspect of life, which is important to our spiritual development. While on earth, our purpose is to learn how to find our way back to the Creator. We do this by continually refining and redefining ourselves to higher and higher states of being. The Angels of Light offer four concepts or suggestions to help us walk our path, from Buddha Nature to Happiness.

Angel of Buddha Nature

To begin with, “Loving our divine nature allows us to accept our worth and develop self-esteem and confidence for living life. Our divine nature magnifies our beauty, intensifies our capacity for goodness, and never leaves us in doubt about our ability to do good in the world. The Angel of Buddha Nature stimulates our soul forces to open our heart- daring us to love, daring us to be free, daring us to continuously be, and do, our best.

Prayer: Beloved Angel of Buddha Nature, teach me the power of surrender, to live in the moment. Bless me with compassion, joy, wisdom and simplicity. Help me perfect my spirit, as I open my heart to peace, love, and joy. I am always encouraged to live in this higher realm.”

Angel of Flow

Next, “The Angel of Flow holds us steady in the waters of change and keeps us moving forward. As we are carried we are also guided, protected and loved. We develop the courage to meet the challenges of uncertainty and impermanence. We learn to trust that we are meant to have good things for ourselves, and that life will see us through. Being in the flow tells us the past cannot support us and the future has not unfolded, so we can only surrender to being in the moment and going with the flow.

Prayer: Beloved Angel of Flow, before you carry me home, teach me to spread my wings, raise my spirits high and be in the flow of life. I choose to live in the moment, as a radiant, loving being, open to goodness.”

Angel of Alchemy

In addition, “We call on the Angel of Alchemy to assist us in the healing process of redefining ourselves. We release self-loathing and replace it with self-love. We forgive any ill will we have absorbed from others, and we release and bless anyone who ever hurt us. This is how we kindle light and transform ourselves into mature, wise and loving beings who make the world better for everyone. Only through positive actions and loving spirits does healing alchemy happen.

Prayer: Beloved Angel of Alchemy, help me transform all negativity into the power of love and the affirmation of divine grace, so I may do good in the world.”

Angel of Happiness

So the angels, having started with Buddha Nature, conclude their guidance with Happiness. “We call on the Angel of Happiness to help us choose to be happy and grateful for the life we have and the power to enjoy it as best we can. Life is too short to waste being unhappy about things we cannot change. We claim our right to happiness, and open the channel for it to fill our hearts. The more we honour our right to happiness, the easier it is to live its truth.

Being happy means we affirm life is good and we give thanks for our blessings. It is a choice that puts the rest of life into a healthy perspective. It allows us to withstand the trials and challenges we face, and helps us stand away from the bottomless pit of negativity.

Prayer: Beloved Angel of Happiness, thank you for this moment of realizing how magnificent life is. I am blessed.”

In conclusion, we thank the Angels of LIght for the guidance we have been given. The earth and the people on it have been and are experiencing amazing changes. Life is not, and will never be the same again. We are moving to a higher state of consciousness and the angels are here to help. It is up to you to decide the direction you will take. Will you choose Buddha Nature, Flow, Alchemy, and/or Happiness? Adonai