From the time you enter this world until the time you leave, you’re finding your way. Sometimes, you know exactly where you’re going, and other times, you have no idea of your purpose. But ultimately, with each step taken, good or bad, happy or not, you walk a path uniquely yours.

Making Decisions

Your uniqueness is due to the choices that present themselves to you and then you make. As a baby and child, choices were probably limited. Your parents and family made many decisions for you. Due to age limitations, lack of experience, safety, and their own purposes in raising you, exterior influences were a big part of life. Of course, these influences formed your world view. As you continued to grow, you had the opportunity to make more and more choices for yourself. Did you take those opportunities, or continue to allow others to influence you? Each decision made is right for you at any particular time in life. This is because every choice you make guides you along your path, for better or for worse. Consideration of options, or reaction to situations are choices. What type of choices do you make?

What’s a Good Choice?

A good choice is one that will benefit you. Usually, good choices bring satisfaction, and sometimes happiness and joy. Making a choice that benefits others, but not you, is a poor one. It will bring dissatisfaction in some form or another. For example, playing a game your friend wants to play, but you don’t. You may have given in because you wanted to keep the friendship, but at what cost to you?

As you age, you will make more and more decisions for yourself. However, many people do not take on that responsibility for many reasons. They may be afraid, doubt themselves, have low self esteem, or lack confidence. They allow others to influence them, sometimes without considering the costs or benefits. When this happens, they are walking a path of another person’s making, not their own. In order to find your own way in this world, it’s important to know what you want. The satisfaction feeling that follows says you’ve made a good choice.

Finding Your Way

It’s not always easy to find your way in life. There are often difficult choices that come up, whether you like it or not. Seeking other people’s advice may be helpful, but in the end, make your own decisions. Base them on the benefits you will receive and your state of mind after you make them. The more good decisions you make, the happier you will be.

Trust in your intuition to help make a choice. Intuition is your connection to your Inner Being, the essence of who you are. Be selfish in putting yourself first. That is to say, take care of yourself and what is best for you. Do this, not at the expense or detriment of others, but to continually expand yourself in positive ways. Then, your path becomes easier, and your life and what you want to accomplish becomes clearer.

What Else?

Energy work of all kinds can be helpful in guiding you along the way. There is so much to choose from, so if a modality calls to you, take advantage of it. Some examples are acupuncture, massage, chiropractics, hypnosis, Reiki, Emotional Freedom Technique, 13th Octave LaHoChi, meditation, and vibrational sound healing. They are all ways to help keep your etheric energy, the essence of who you are, moving healthfully. The old saying, “the better it gets, the better it gets,” is true. As you keep yourself satisfied and happy with good choices, your etheric energy flows and life becomes more enjoyable.

On the other hand, there may be an energy blockage in or around your body that manifests physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually. That means there may be one or more choices you’ve made, or continue to make, that are detrimental to your well being. Tune into your feelings as a guide. If your emotions are consistently low, it’s time to change what you’re doing or how you’re thinking. Energy therapies can help sort out your thought processes, as well as understand how to make better choices for yourself. Note: Every person is not a match for every therapy. Some will help, others won’t. If you’re looking for assistance, find a modality that makes a difference for you.

In conclusion, it’s important to realize that finding your way in the world is your job, your responsibility. That is true of each and every one of us. You are not responsible for me, nor I for you. So, your life unfolds according to the choices you make. Ask yourself the question, “What kind of life do I want?” Then make the choices that will be fulfilling as you are finding your way.