This month’s Angel Card Reading comes from the Angel Tarot cards by Doreen Virtue, PhD and Radleigh Valentine. Three cards were drawn from the top of the deck. Each card belonged to the Earth suit in this deck. They were the five, three, and ace. Earth cards focus on financial security: making money, paying bills, and meeting material needs. This suit is also about daily activities, such as jobs, a search for financial security. societal and community needs, and physical health.

Five of Earth

The Five of Earth deals with 1) fears surrounding money; 2) the wisdom to accept help from others; and 3) uncertain self-employment.

Doreen tells us, ‘five’ cards are often challenges that bring about opportunities. Five is a number of great change. We can learn to adapt, spread our wings and break free of circumstances that no longer feel right. She also says, fives can point up our resistance to change. When we do embrace change, we may also find freedom.

During this time of the corona virus pandemic and unemployment, fears about money for many people are quite real. The isolation people are experiencing is difficult, particularly when they have lost a job or become sick. Many people have lost the financial security they rely upon for themselves and their families.

The angels are always available to bring comfort and wisdom to all situations. They encourage those who are suffering from loss at this time to have faith that better days are coming. While waiting, they suggest accepting help from others to gain the support to go on. This may be in the form of neighborly, or family help, as well searching for a job, and/or filing for unemployment insurance. This may be particularly true for those who are self-employed, and who carry the extra burden of making serious financial decisions. Sometimes, pride gets in the way and resistance can hold a person back. So, remember, when one door closes, another will open if there is faith and trust in God.

Three of Earth

The Three of Earth encourages, 1) creativity; 2) high quality work; and 3) the importance of being a team player.

Doreen explains, ‘three’ cards represent creativity, growth, and self-expression. They also indicate a need to see clearly about goals and make decisions based on them. Threes are about expansion and strength.

The angels want you to remember, It is during times of difficulty that growth can come about. Even though many are unemployed, isolated, and possibly sick, there are opportunities to explore. There may be more time to learn new skills or sharpen old ones to ensure financial security. New areas of interest can be investigated that may lead to a whole different path in life. Or it’s possible to begin searching for life’s greater meaning, contemplating one’s purpose.

It is important to work toward quality, not quantity in each aspect of life. Additionally, the sense of community is major. Being part of a group or organization that requires, or would benefit from that quality, is valuable for all. Although the angels assist us as individuals, the ultimate goal they encourage us to reach is profound. Being our unique selves, as well as contributing to the well being of all, brings everyone to higher levels of existence.

Ace of Earth

The Ace of Earth is reassuring. Some of its ideas are, 1) abundance is coming; 2) a business venture is possible; and 3) important documents or contracts are feasible.

Doreen speaks about ‘aces’: Aces indicate new beginnings or opportunities for a fresh start.They generally bring with them some type of energy for a new endeavor. This may include material gifts such as money, emotion, ideas, assistance from others, or a heightened excitement,

The preparation the angels have provided is basic, but also provides the path to success. When not sure of oneself, look for guidance from someone trusted, or the angels themselves. Financial security is about trusting that ultimately all will be well. Finances are not always secure. Life has its ups and downs.

But instead of worrying, focus in a positive direction. And remember that financial security is about having enough, but security in general is about loving oneself, family, and community. It is enjoying happiness, and health, as well as feeling grateful and so much more. Perhaps a new business venture is on the horizon due to thinking more broadly and growing. Possibly a lucrative contract may be part of life. It’s all in the preparation, mindset, and optimism for the future. The angels ask you to believe in yourself and all will be well. Adonai.