Archangel Michael wishes to guide you as your life changes. First and foremost, he asks you and everyone to commit to yourself first. His message comes through four cards from the Archangel Michael deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Archangel Michael is known as the protector, so call on him when you need strength and protection. In addition, Doreen tells us, “Archangel Michael knows the details of your Divine life purpose, which every person has. This means that you have a mission, based upon your natural talents and interests, that’s helpful to others. If you’re confused about the purpose or higher meaning of your life, Archangel Michael can give you clarity and guidance.”

You and Your Loved Ones Are Safe

Prayer: Dear God and Archangel Michael, thank you for watching over me and my loved ones. Please help me feel secure and at peace; and fill me with faith so that I may focus on my priorities and enjoy a healthful, happy life.

Archangel Michael assures you that you are safe and protected when calling on him for assistance. Personal safety is an important part of a meaningful life. Trust that God and Michael are watching over you and helping in ways you need when asking for help. Their answers are not necessarily the answers you expect or want, because you see your life through a very narrow lens. They look after you in the broader scheme of your life. Therefore, believe you are being guided in ways that will be beneficial to you over the long term. The key is trust. You and your loved ones are safe when you put your trust in the Divine.

You Created This Situation, and You Have the Power to Change It

Prayer: Thank you for letting me lean on your strength and for reminding me of my personal power. Please guide me to manifest and heal according to Divine will, creating peace and blessings for [me].

As you know, Archangel Michael is there for you when you need protection and guidance. However, your thoughts create your reality. Therefore, it is very important to be conscious of how you think and what your think about. Every situation in which you find yourself is self created. It may appear others are exerting influence over you, but in truth, you are allowing them this power.

So, commit to yourself first. This means take responsibility for your life: your thoughts, your feelings, and your actions. Look to what is best for you in the greater scheme of life, not just the present moment. The present is important, of course, because that is where you make your decisions. But each decision you make is a choice. Will you choose to react, or will you commit to yourself first and respond? There is a big difference. If you are not happy with decisions you have made, you have the power to change them. Make a better choice.

The Person You’re Asking About is Trustworthy

Prayer: Thank you for helping me have faith so I can open my heart wider in my relationships. I am grateful for your protection, ensuring that only trustworthy people are in my life.

When you commit to yourself first, you are trustworthy. You have strong self esteem. This means not only are you taking care of yourself, but you are committing to treating others with respect and decency too. You have integrity. You speak your truth by being honest without injuring another. You follow through with commitments you make. You don’t make excuses for yourself when something goes wrong. You are who you are.

When you live a trustworthy life, you will find mostly, you attract trustworthy people. Like attracts like. You inspire others by the strong energy you exude. It is a safe energy that most people desire, but don’t always have. When you are trustworthy, you know what to look for in others. Intuitively, you know who you can trust or not. When your intuition becomes murky, that means you have become less trustworthy yourself. Make sure you always go back to the commitment to yourself first.

Make a Commitment

Prayer: Archangel Michael, as the angel of courage and confidence, I call upon you to lend me your strength. Allow me to commit to myself, my life, and my Divine purpose. Please clearly guide me so I can fully open my heart to every experience.

Archangel Michael is here for you. He is ready to help. Open your heart to his guidance. Commit to a better you. It’s never too late to change because a changed mind may be the best change you’ve ever made. Adonai