As we move closer to the end of 2021, the angels ask us to be cautious about clouded judgment. We have experienced a pandemic which has taken a toll in many ways. People became sick and died. Life changed as governments attempted to control the outbreaks. We were confined physically and socially. Children and adults schooled and worked at home. Normal activities for entertainment were limited or closed. There were and still are many differences of opinion.

As a result, people rebelled. They have less tolerance of the views of others. There is little compromise. A majority want to go back to the way it was in the past. But that is not possible. Too much has happened to go back. Social injustices have been revealed and need to be addressed. So, the angels would like to offer a few suggestions to address clouded judgment through the three cards which were drawn. The cards come from the Angel Tarot deck by Doreen Virtue, PhD, and Radleigh Valentine.

Six of Water:

Memories from your history or childhood. Issues regarding children. Romanticizing the past.

Water cards reflect our emotions. Six cards tend to reflect on the past. From the Big Book of Angel Tarot, “Objectivity is important when looking backward so that we neither romanticize how things used to be, nor see them as worse than they were.” (p. 28). When we romanticize, or think things worse, we are using clouded judgment.

Change in life offers opportunities for growth, but growth can be difficult and uncomfortable. We are being encouraged to look to our past, examine it, and continue with those aspects which serve the greatest good. There are many parts of our history that subjugated minorities, the poor, and women. Power was, and still is, in the hands of a few. As a result, these populations are beginning to speak up for, and sometimes demand, their rights. That is to say, they are seeking to share the power more equally.

Those who have the power see life differently. They are happy with what was and what is. Consequently, they would like to keep life as it was, and shape the future in a way that benefits them. Most are unwilling to give up the power they hold. They are utilizing fear of change and the unknown to keep power out of the hands of others. So they romanticize a past that actually reflects the lives of a small portion of the current population. It seems peaceful, orderly, and desirable, but that life was primarily Christian white. There is a bigger picture in our society now, and it is up to each of us to consider how that peaceful, orderly, and desirable life can be for everyone.

Five of Air:

An unwise choice. Learn what you can from this situation. Review everyone’s motives.

Air cards have to do with the intellect and the thought process. Five cards reflect challenges that bring opportunities. Five is a number of great change. There is an old saying that the one thing we can be sure of in life is things will change. So, we can resist the changes which are inevitable, or we can adapt to them.

We always have choice, whether we believe it or not. The choices we make are not only about individual desires or preferences. They also include choices for our families, neighbors, and friends, as well as, society in general. When we limit the scope of our ideas, or the people we consider important, we exercise clouded judgment. This is a short-sighted view of the world. It limits our understanding and appreciation of the variety of peoples, cultures and situations that can broaden our thinking. It is like saying the world is flat because you live in an area that is flat. There is so much more.

Most importantly, give a great deal of thought to your choices and the people you listen to. You may arrive at the same conclusion, or you may change your mind. Either is valid as long as your choice is not reactive, but rather well thought out. I would also suggest whatever you choose, that choice is based on integrity and is morally sound.

King of Air: Brilliant, Impartial, Professional, Diplomatic

Speak your mind with confidence. Seek out professional advice. Balance mental and emotional considerations.

Kings are authority figures. They are masters at making decisions, delegating tasks, and successfully administering just about anything. The King of Air models important aspects of each of us. This king is smart, savvy, just, and compassionate. He is saying be clear in your understanding of other people and situations. Use your God-given ability to make smart, intelligent, moral choices. When you do, they will be beneficial not only for you, but for all who are impacted by them.

In conclusion, the angels are asking you to be proactive, rather than reactive. Choose from the past, only that which benefits everyone. Make choices based on moving forward. Don’t be stuck in past ways of being and thinking. Memories can be wonderful, or horrible. Leave them in the past, and make your present and future better for yourself and everyone else. Adonai.