As we grow from childhood to adulthood, we are more capable of considering broader aspects of life purpose..  This expansion often includes the deeper meaning of family, how relationships develop and thrive, what type of job is most suitable for us, and hopefully, what our ultimate life purpose may be. It is about bringing ourselves and each other into oneness.

This angel card reading is about several broader aspects of life purpose. Let us consider some ways we can expand our understanding of it. The Life Purpose Oracle Cards come from Doreen Virtue, PhD. Three cards were chosen randomly. They are entitled ‘Artist’, ‘Animals’, and ‘Options’. Let us explore their meaning.


Engaging in artistic activities is beneficial to your career and every other area of your life.

First, the artistic ability is part of each of us. We may not believe that is so, but in truth it is. We create our reality through the thoughts we generate. This is your artistic, your creative aspect. It may include artwork of some sort, but not necessarily. When you understand and believe this is so, you have the tools needed to be the artist in your life. Then you can use your artistic creativity to develop and expand your life and life purpose. The palate contains your own personal colors to create what happens.

Often, we feel we have no control over what happens in our lives, but in reality, we have total control through our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts are powerful, but when beliefs are aligned with them, we have the ability to achieve great things.

So, what is your purpose in life? Many of us have never entertained that question. However, that is one of the most important questions each of us must answer. Our individual purpose is tied in with our human purpose. We are here to find our highest purpose in order to move forward and grow. As we do, our personal life purpose contributes to that of everyone else on the planet. It is all part of the oneness of life.


You understand animals and communicate with them intuitively. Trust your inner guidance, as the animals are part of your life’s work.

Secondly, since we are animals who are capable of communicating with each other on a variety of levels, it is certainly possible to include other animal species as well. It’s a way of broadening our communication abilities. We connect with our pets on many levels, and it is possible to do the same with other animals too. Certainly, many of these relationships take place on an intuitive level.

Using our intuition to connect with our Higher Selves, our tie with the higher power, is both personal and meditative. However, that is not the only use of intuition. In developing our ‘gut feeling’. we are able to tap into information that is not necessarily apparent at first glance. When we tap into the knowledge of animals (and even plants and minerals) on an energetic level (intuition), we broaden our understanding of what it means to be alive on this planet. In doing so, it gives us the opportunity to expand our perspective of our life purpose.

The more we intend to expand our thinking, and intend to understand the interconnectivity of all life, the more deeply we see that all is one. Then we realize our purpose is not one of selfishness, but selflessness. That is our goal. That is our purpose.


Consider the career possibilities that are open to you.

Lastly, options are infinitely available to us. We often think we have few choices, but when we expand our minds, our thoughts, anything is possible. Just remember, thoughts must be coupled with belief. The more expansive our goals for ourselves, the more important it is to believe they are possible. Doubt will derail even the best intentions.

Personal career possibilities may be plentiful, which is great. But linking your career to a higher purpose can be amazing, not only for you as an individual, but for everyone. This card and its message are urging you to think big. Consider the impact of your choices universally, not singularly. Do you have to save the world with your efforts? Of course not. But it is the responsibility of each of us to make choices that have positive impacts here.

In conclusion, it is up to us individually to use our creativity, the artist within, to generate a meaningful life for ourselves and the world. We do this through the realization that we are all connected, not only to each other, but to all else on this planet. The options we choose to generate our lives can be narrow or expansive. The broader our life purpose is, the greater the benefit for all. We thank the angels for these enlightened ideas. Adonai