Angels are spiritual beings who are part of the higher realms of consciousness. They are beings of the Light of God, who work for the good of all mankind. There are many categories or realms of angels, from the mighty archangels to the childlike cherubim. Specifically, the Angels of Light bring comfort and balance to individuals. That is to say, they offer us this beautiful healing for our greatest good..

Origins of Angels of Light Healing

The origin of this healing modality is a gift to us from the Angelic realm. It was bestowed upon us to help uplift all people on earth. As you may know, there are many higher beings who are ready and willing to assist us in raising our vibrations. The Angels of Light are part of this group. The energies they send help us accomplish a complete reunion with God, which is what is called the ascension

Benefits of Angels of Light Healing

From 13Th Octave LaHoChi: Transformational Healing Modality, by Linda Dillon (Council of Love, Inc. 2020) we learn about the benefits of this healing modality. “The benefits of Angel Light Healing are numerous. It calms, balances and purifies the aura and all the energetic/etheric bodies. It purifies, balances and integrates the chakras, and aligns our energetic bodies with the higher realms of angelic consciousness. It improves our sense of health and wellbeing. It connects us with our Guardian Angels, the Ascended Masters and Source.” [p.30]

Opportunities in Receiving Angels of Light Healing

The Angels of Light Healing is a modality of energy healing offered by a practitioner. This practitioner is a person initiated into the Angels of Light Healing. The energy balances the chakras and smooths the aura, bringing serenity and peace to those who receive it.

Angels of Light Healing is also offered to individuals for personal practice and healing. Anyone can be initiated into this modality. Linda Dillon says, “Those who are initiated are self-nominated… Angel Light is a gift freely given, freely shared and everyone is welcome. No previous [energy] work of any type is necessary, only a heartfelt desire to receive the Angel Light Healing.” [p.31] Once a person has been initiated, he/she possesses the ability to use it for themselves or others.

In short, Angel Light Healing is a simple, yet powerful way of bringing balance to life. It is my great honor to offer this initiation, free of charge, to those who are drawn to it. Adonai