This angel card reading is taken from the oracle deck, Angels of Light, written and illustrated by Ambika Wauters. The card I chose randomly was ‘Angel of Blessings’. I thought it was appropriate for this time. To address the chaos and turmoil we are experiencing in this country. I have taken the text interpretation from the accompanying book of the Angels of Light oracle card deck. I hope it will be of benefit to all readers.


“I am abundantly graced with blessings.” says the Angel of Blessings.


We are constantly blessed by the Divine. Our gratitude draws more blessings. As we expand our capacity to receive blessings, we also honour our worth. We also acknowledge we are loved and deserving of goodness. Recognizing how deeply we are blessed expands our confidence in the good. It helps us trust that the Divine is our infinite supply and we are always blessed. We are healed by the constancy and devotion of divine blessings. In fact, we are always blessed, in all manner of ways. In every moment, from every direction, quickly, under grace and in perfect ways, we are blessed. Give thanks [to the Angel of Blessings.]


As we expand our ability to receive more good in our lives, we become aware that many of our negative experiences were also blessings. Blessings are always occurring in our lives; even when we don’t get what we want, we are blessed. It is also a blessing to learn from conflict and challenges. How else would we become strong, and better able to serve the Divine with grace and courage?

The Angel of Blessings teaches us that our entire lives, including the pain, losses and suffering, build us into perfect vessels to channel divine love flowing through us. These experiences are are also blessings to be grateful for.


Beloved Angel of Blessings, thank you for all that I am, all that I have, all that I do. I am so blessed. Thank you so much for your goodness. I accept my life as a blessing and offer thanksgiving for how deeply I am blessed. Amen

Call on the Angel of Blessings to assist you in identifying your blessings. In particular, focus on those that do not feel as if they are. This is part of the life work of each and every one. The more you consciously acknowledge your blessings, the more balanced and happy your life will be. Adonai