A realm is a place where a particular attribute is dominant.  Earth is in the third dimensional realm, which is primarily physical. It is reality to humans. Everything here is vibrating at frequencies that allow for a range of densities. That is, mostly everything is solid, liquid or gas. Higher frequencies that occur on this planet are in the form of thought, sound, or light. These higher frequencies also exist in other realms as do higher order beings like angels, ascended masters, saints, and galactic neighbors. This essay will focus on angel energy, which is in the higher realms, but is also here on planet Earth.

What are Angels?

Angels are higher spiritual beings. There are archangels, guardian angels, cherubim and seraphim, as well as many others. If angels present themselves, they will do so as light, thought, or sound. They leave signs. Angel energy is gentle and loving, as well as strong and wise, depending on what is needed. Angels of all kinds assist humans with everyday aspects of life, as well as major circumstances. For example, you might misplace an object and ask the angels to help find it. As you search, a ‘hunch’ where this object is may appear as a thought or image in your mind. Or you may ‘coincidentally’ find it because your attention became focused away from your search and on a sound that was ‘different’. They are always in communication with you. However, it’s up to you to be tuned in to their messages as well.

What is the Purpose of Angels?

The purpose of angel energy is to bring humans closer to God, or Source, through guidance, support, and love. Angels help you find the good in all life events, whether they be ‘good’ or ‘bad’. They help guide you to learn important life lessons in any circumstance, as well as, lead you with each lesson toward growth in discernment, strength, compassion, and love. An angel guide will help you learn to love and accept yourself, strengthening your self confidence. As you work with your angel, making more and more appropriate choices for yourself, life becomes healthier and happier. On an energetic level, increasing your happiness raises your vibration. Ultimately, this leads to your understanding and acceptance of your profound connection to God.

How Angels Help

First, angel energy, angel love, angel light, is available regardless of who you are, what you have done, or what you think.  Angels respond instantly to requests made by humans no matter what. When you call on angels to help, they bring love and healing. Angels do not use or wave a magic wand. However, they do help you face challenges, as well as give guidance in areas like relationships, finances, parenting and health issues, to name a few. Your job is to follow that guidance.

How will you know angels are there to help? First, call on them specifically for assistance. Then, trust in your intuition, which is your connection to the higher realms and God. It may be that ‘gut’ feeling, coincidence, thought in your head, or ‘sign’. Pay attention and follow your ‘hunch’.

Angel energy is healing because it is the antidote to whatever negative energies you hold in your life, be it anger, fear, doubt, or hatred of yourself or others. No one consciously enjoys feeling anger or hate, but those feelings are often hard to overcome. It takes effort and desire to do so and your angel guide is ready to help. Sometimes it is enough to call on your angel to wrap his wings around you in a loving embrace, so you won’t feel alone. Remember, angels work hard to help us do our best- to heal ourselves as well as humanity and our planet, through love and forgiveness. Call on your guardian angel, or whichever angels you feel close to. You will never go wrong. Adonai