A relationship is a connection between two or more objects, persons, or groups. In this essay, we will take a look at what constitutes a strong relationship. Specifically, we will look at qualities that are important to find between two people.

Mutual Respect

In a strong relationship, respect is a predominant quality. Each person considers the other important enough to appreciate their ideas, goals, likes and dislikes. Regardless of whether one person agrees with the other, each is willing to accept what the other has to offer. There is no hierarchy in the relationship, so both are on an equal footing.


People in a strong relationship feel attached and connected, sometimes very deeply. They may share similar ideas, and goals, while their likes and dislikes may also be comparable. There is also the possibility that each may stimulate the other to grow physically, emotionally, or mentally. In addition, there may be a spiritual component that deepens their relationship. If there is competition, it is used to help in some way. When cooperation is needed, it is freely given. Ultimately, each feels a responsibility to be part of each other’s growth.


As a strong relationship grows between two people, they often develop a partnership. This is an alliance of some sort. This agreement could be simply understood, a verbal agreement, or it could be legally binding. The cooperative nature of a partnership holds the relationship together. There is a drive to do what’s best for both, so the association will flourish.

Affection and Love

A strong relationship between two people is based on likeability. At the very least, both people are fond of each other. As the relationship grows, each person may begin to feel affection for the other. Affection comes from respect, agreement, similarities, openness, concern, assistance and so much more. Affection can certainly deepen into love. When this happens, each person feels a devotion toward the other, which may result in a legal agreement like marriage, or a verbal commitment of one to the other.


In this short essay, we considered the aspects of a strong relationship. Why work toward this type of relationship? A few reasons follow. 1) there is support when needed. 2) A feeling of connection to another is part of being human and is a necessary element for fulfillment. 3) Energetically, respect, connection, partnership and affection/love help a person vibrate at a high frequency. This leads to joy, a productive work environment, and good health and well being. Strong relationships are a work in progress. They must be cultivated and strengthened throughout their existence. Even so, they are definitely worth it. Adonai